Smoke and Heat Extraction Systems (RWA) and Air Conditioning Systems

All our products are developed and manufactured to the newest Standards as per EN 150 9001.

The RWA equipment (light domes, louvre extractors, single and double flap ventilators) are tested to meet the requirements of EN 12102-2

The high quality of these systems allows them to be used for daily ventilation. Our products meet the new energy saving regulations (ENEV) and achieve lower U- values. Our comprehensive programme enables us to offer you a wide range of standard products as well as tailor-made solutions to comply with your project concept.


What makes our products special:

  • High energy efficiency.

  • High degree of operating efficiency for standard air conditioning (units open to 90°)

  • Rain proof air conditioning through side flaps construction is possible.

  • Very effective noise reduction values

  • Construction with optimal U- values is possible

  • High ratings for static loading by wind and snow due to stable construction.

  • Heat insulated and thermal separation configuration is available (Environmentally Friendly).

  • Selectable daylight use with Polycarbonate or Glass and/or with the addition of aluminium panel.

  • Manufactured with low and maintenance free high quality recyclable material.

  • Constructed with aluminium for low unit weight.

  • Available in a variety of sizes customized to meet the customers requirements – sizes up to 2500mm X 3500mm can be accommodated.

  • Available for pneumatic or electrical operation.

  • Low installation and low purchase costs together with efficient RWA Flow Volume (higher Cv – Values).

  • We will assist you with engineering co-operation, in meeting regulation requirements and costing as per EN Standards.

  • We recommend a combination our products for example – roof flashing and personnel fall safety equipment.

Facade louvres and air inlet systems

All our products meet the newest technical standards and are developed and manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 9001 and EN 14351-1.

  • Air inlet and extraction over the wall surface.

  • Appropriate and specified design.

  • Energy efficient

  • Louvre ventilation suitable for daily ventilation RWA function.

  • Selectable daylight use with polycarbonate or glass panes and/or blank panels.

  • Very good noise insulation values.

  • Manufactured with optimal U-values (triple glazing)

  • Heat insulation and thermal separation construction (Environmentally Friendly).

  • Wind resistant construction.

  • Minimum unit weight resulting from aluminium construction.

  • Selectable pneumatic or electrical operation.

  • Can be supplied in a variety of sizes as per customer requirements.

  • Low installation and purchase costs due to efficient module construction.

Mechanical Smoke Extraction Systems

Installation of mechanical smoke extraction systems as per EN 12101-3 or smoke diluting systems as per Ö Norm H6029.

  • Innovative and compact ventilator construction.

  • Temperature classification range 200° - 600° C.

  • Operation with air intake and fire and smoke curtains can be combined.

  • Project approval with the necessary authorities.

  • Ventilators can be installed on the roof or walls.

  • Suitable for daily routine ventilation.

  • Cost savings through complete concept realization and project planning package, including necessary ventilation trunking and electrical installation.

  • We recommend the combination of our products with for example, roof flashing and smoke blankets.

For further information on our extensive offer and product range please contact our expert and friendly staff.