Smoke and Fire Curtains

Quick and reliable

Our products provide specified smoke control, for example, the division of a building in a number of smoke and fire sectors in horizontal or vertical smoke or fire control zones to contain smoke and or fire progression in the building. The manufacture and configuration of these products, follow the EN 12101-1 classification as per EN 13501: E30 – E 180/02 Curtains: glass- fibre material with stainless steel, fire resistant DIN 4102-2.

Fixed and Mobile Smoke Apron/Fire Prevention Curtains

ATTRIA GmbH can supply both fixed and mobile smoke aprons (Rolled Smoke Aprons), as well as fire control curtains. From our comprehensive programme we can provide the customer with a selection of the best systems with the correct product choice to deliver a tailor – made solution to meet his project requirements.

  • Free falling, power free, gravity operation

  • Drive unit 24v standard or failsafe

  • Drive unit 230v standard or failsafe

  • Low installation and purchase costs due to efficient module concept

  • Available in various sizes as per customer requirements

For further information on our extensive offer and product range please contact our expert and customer friendly staff.