Fall Security

Effective Personnel Safety

Fall Prevention Grids

Our products have been developed and tested to meet newest technical and safety standards, including health and safety requirements. Light domes and skylights are protected with our fall safety system in accordance with EN 133374 Class A for old and new buildings. Our products meet the requirements of DGUV and carry the proof test certification GS-BAU-18.

Fall Prevention Railing

Our safety railings are unique through their functionality and efficiency. Safety railings are available for flat roofs as folding for straight (90°) or with angled supports. Our wide ranging versatile programme allows us to offer you the appropriate equipment to meet your project requirements.


What makes our products special:

  • High flexibility as a result of our variable unit sizes to meet the requirements of old and new buildings.

  • Appropriate fall prevention grids for all our products

  • Manufacture and delivery of the complete system – all from one source.

  • Individual colour selection through colour coatings.

  • Low maintenance costs.

  • Low installation and purchase costs due to efficient module construction.

  • Flat roof concepts and solutions for old and new buildings.

For further information on our extensive offer and product range please contact our expert and customer friendly staff.